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Who We Are

sugar rush is your trusted source for fun fruit games. We present to you entertainment where fruits come to life and become the main characters. Here you will find a variety of games that will allow you to plunge into unique adventures and get vivid emotions.

On sugar rush we offer a wide variety of games, ranging from puzzles and logic challenges where you'll have to ponder to complete levels, to arcade adventures where fruits fight enemies and save the kingdom. We guarantee you an exciting pastime and vivid emotions.

Join us at sugar rush and discover the fun adventure of fruit games. Let's embark on this unique adventure together and enjoy every moment of the game!

Online games

Onet sugar rush Connect

Onet sugar rush Connect is an addictive puzzle game where players have to connect pairs of identical pictures to clear the board. The game has simple rules, but requires strategic thinking and attentiveness. Game Features: Simple rules: The goal of the game is to clear the field of all pictures...

Fruit sugar rush Master

Fruit sugar rush Master is an addictive arcade game in which players as a fruit master compete in the skills of chopping different types of fruit. At the center of the gameplay is the task of cutting the maximum number of fruits in a certain time, avoiding sharp objects or skipping fruits, which...

Apple sugar rush Shooter Balloon

Apple sugar rush Shooter Balloon is a fun arcade game in which the player has to shoot balloons with a bow and arrow. But instead of shooting apples, as is usually the case in such games, this game uses balls, which gives it a special charm and originality. Features: Unique Gameplay: Apple...

Pretty sugar rush Tiles

Pretty sugar rush Tiles is an addictive puzzle game that immerses players in a world of a fascinating combination of logic, attentiveness and creativity. The game offers a unique combination of puzzle with elements of design and art, immersing players in the exhilarating process of creating...

Tile sugar rush Mahjong

Tile sugar rush Mahjong is an addictive puzzle game based on the classic Chinese game Mahjong. In this game, players must remove paired tiles from the playing field to clear it of all elements. But be careful, as not all knuckles are available for removal – they must be loose on both sides and...

Juicy sugar rush Dash

Juicy sugar rush Dash is an addictive arcade game where players have to collect fruits and create delicious combos to score points and complete levels. Designed in a bright and colorful style, the game offers simple and attractive gameplay that is suitable for both children and adults. Features of...

Why Choose Us

The Evolution of the Orchard: Participating in the development of the orchard from ancient times to the present by observing changes in varieties and cultivation methods.

Fruit Sculpture & Construction Creation: Virtually create fruit sculptures and structures for decoration or competition.

Fruit Juice & Shake Creation: Virtually make juices, smoothies and shakes from a variety of fruits.

Fruit Juice & Shake Creation: Virtually make juices, smoothies and shakes from a variety of fruits.


Discover the exciting world of our platform, where every game is a chance to have fun, not to win. Remember, the chances of winning here are not equal to real games. Available for adults 18+. Play, enjoy, and let every moment be unforgettable!