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sugar rush | Community rules

We want all members of the sugar rush community to play and communicate with friends in a calm and friendly environment. And we need your help.

These Community Guidelines apply to all users of sugar rush games, services, and other products. These rules explain how to communicate with other members of the sugar rush community. Below we give some examples of specific situations, but this does not mean that the rules apply only to them.

Following the rules is easy. But if they are not followed, we will take action — up to a lifetime ban.

Community Rules

Personal Information

It is forbidden to disclose the personal data of other users, except for the displayed name, and we strongly recommend keeping your personal information secret. Threatening to disclose alternative account names of other users and their real names, as well as disclosing their data and reporting on the whereabouts of users is unacceptable.

Intolerance and Discrimination

sugar rush considers any manifestations of hatred or discrimination unacceptable.

In the sugar rush gaming ecosystem, differences in race, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities, etc., are welcomed. Do not demean or boycott other users or entire groups, and do not show hatred in communication.

Bullying and Offensive Behavior

Respect other users when communicating, playing, or engaging in creativity. It is forbidden to threaten users, intimidate and humiliate them, violate their personal boundaries, and behave disrespectfully and indecently.

Attempts to assert oneself at the expense of others will lead to nothing good. It's much easier and more fun to play friendly.


Do not impersonate other players, streamers, celebrities, government officials, sugar rush employees, or anyone else. Also, do not claim the achievements of others. Impersonating another person, deceiving those around you, is wrong.

Fraud and Mockery

Play fairly and by the rules. Do not cheat, do not interfere with others, do not conspire, and do not try to win at the expense of developer errors. Do not inform others about cheats, vulnerabilities, and game bugs you know about, and do not advertise them. Found a bug? Report it.

Dangerous or Illegal Activities

Do not engage in illegal or dangerous activities, such as gambling, online fraud, publishing personal data, and do not support them within the community; do not share content that glorifies violence or incites it. Do not threaten to harm yourself or others, even in jest — such threats are taken seriously. If you see something that could endanger other players, file a complaint directly in the game or contact player support.


Do not deceive other players. Fraud of any kind, including attempts to obtain other players' data, as well as buying and selling personal data, is prohibited.

Inappropriate Content

Content, communication, and activities in the sugar rush ecosystem should evoke positive emotions in users. When creating any materials, it is necessary to consider content requirements.


We consider each case of violation of these rules individually. We will pay attention to how serious the violation is, whether this user has violated the rules before, and many other factors. Depending on the severity of the violation, measures will be taken against the user: from blocking social functions (such as voice chat and adding friends) to a lifetime ban.

In the case of a lifetime ban, the owner may lose access to games, virtual items, and other items they acquired.

Reporting Players

We all form a community, and only we can make it friendly and welcoming.

If you encounter a player who violates the Community Rules or Content Requirements or shows disrespect to other players, you can report them in the game.

If you have a personal dislike for a user who has not violated the Community Rules, you can block them.


Take care of the security of your personal data. Third-party access to your account puts you at risk. If something seems suspicious or too tempting, it probably is.

sugar rush provides members of the gaming community with all the necessary tools to ensure security. You can learn more about what tools we are developing to protect players, and how to protect yourself, in the FAQ section.

This is not the final version of the sugar rush Community Rules. Keep an eye on the changes. «But no one told me...» is a poor excuse. After all, we came together to have fun playing games!


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