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Onet sugar rush Connect

Onet sugar rush Connect

Onet sugar rush Connect is an addictive puzzle game where players have to connect pairs of identical pictures to clear the board. The game has simple rules, but requires strategic thinking and attentiveness.

Game Features:

  • Simple rules: The goal of the game is to clear the field of all pictures by connecting pairs of identical elements with a line that rotates no more than twice.
  • Variety of Levels: Onet sugar rush Connect offers a variety of levels with varying difficulty. Starting with easy, players gradually move on to more difficult and intricate levels that require strategy and logical thinking.
  • Variety of Themes: The pictures on the cards can represent different themes such as fruits, animals, flowers, symbols, etc. This adds variety and interest to the game.
  • Timer & Records: The game challenges players to fight for the best scores with a timer displaying the time taken to complete the level and also records the best scores so that players can compete against each other.
  • Bonuses and power-ups: The game provides bonus elements that help players in completing levels. For example, various bonuses can remove pictures from the field or add extra time.
  • Colorful Design and Soundtrack: Onet sugar rush Connect has an attractive design and a pleasant soundtrack, which makes the gameplay even more fun and enjoyable.

Overall, Onet sugar rush Connect is an addictive puzzle game with simple rules, but still requires players to think strategically and pay attention. Its variety of levels and themes, as well as the ability to compete for the best scores, make this game attractive to a wide range of players.

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Top Comments


I would like to see more variety in the difficulty levels. Some games are too simple.


Onet sugar rush Connect is really a test of attentiveness and speed. The fruit puzzles are excellent.


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