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Tile sugar rush Mahjong

Tile sugar rush Mahjong

Tile sugar rush Mahjong is an addictive puzzle game based on the classic Chinese game Mahjong. In this game, players must remove paired tiles from the playing field to clear it of all elements. But be careful, as not all knuckles are available for removal – they must be loose on both sides and have no neighbors on top.


  • Variety of difficulty levels: Tile sugar rush Mahjong offers players a variety of difficulty levels, ranging from easy levels for beginners to expert levels for experienced players. This makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels.
  • Different Themed Sets: The game offers different themed dice sets that immerse the player in different atmospheres and worlds. For example, you can choose a set of tiles that depict Chinese characters, natural elements, or even characters from popular world cultures.
  • Bonuses and Upgrades: As players play, they can earn bonuses and upgrades to help them tackle more difficult levels. This could be using hints, shuffling knuckles, or even increasing the time in a level.
  • Online Competitions & Achievements: Tile sugar rush Mahjong allows players to participate in online competitions with other players around the world. They can compete for the best results, earn achievements, and climb the leaderboards.
  • Atmosphere of Tranquility: The game offers a peaceful atmosphere that helps players relax and take a break from everyday worries. Music and sound effects contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the game.

Tile sugar rush Mahjong is a great game for anyone who loves puzzles and wants to spend time usefully, developing their logical abilities and enjoying addictive gameplay.

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Tile sugar rush Mahjong has a great achievement system. Every time you want to achieve more.


I love the soundtrack in Tile sugar rush Mahjong. It's so fun and fruity!


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